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Challenges of Teaching Chinese Translation: A Case Study of Hong Kong

Wednesday 6 July 2022, 2-3pm BST (1-2pm GMT)
Zoom (link provided to EATPA network members)

In this talk, John will discuss the challenges of teaching English-Chinese Translation at BA and MA levels in Hong Kong. These challenges arise from the gap between Translation theories and practice, differences between Chinese and English languages and cultures, students’ pre-conceptions about translation and equivalence, and teachers’ beliefs about Translation education, etc. Drawing upon his own experience of teaching Translation at five tertiary institutes in Hong Kong and the pedagogical literature by Lee S. Shulman and David C. Berliner, John will argue that an expert Translation teacher is like an ‘improvisational performer’, who responds flexibly and creatively to classroom contingencies.

Speaker’s Bio
John Chun Yin WONG is Lecturer in Translation at The University of Hong Kong.
He holds BA, MPhil and PhD degrees in Translation from HKU and is studying for
an MSc in Teacher Education at the University of Oxford.

*Please note this talk will not be recorded