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How much Chinese language teaching is required in Chinese translation teaching?


Abstract Over the past decades, a countless number of textbooks on English–Chinese translation have been published. It is not uncommon to see that a variety of translation methods such as ‘addition’ and ‘omission’, to name but two, are provided in the hope that readers are fully equipped for translation tasks at various linguistic levels and...

"Little Private Jokes": Western Literary Allusions in a Chinese Novel


Abstract Cao Xueqin's Dream is teemed with literary allusions. Hawkes' Stone is equally rich in literary allusions, and the reader needs to be sensitive and knowledgeable with regards not only to the Chinese canon, but also to English and other Western literary classics in order to recognise and appreciate them. This talk will present the...

Tackling long sentence translation in the classroom: a study to investigate the usefulness of a systemic functional linguistics-based approach in teaching English-Chinese translation


Abstract Long sentence translation is a common challenge for English-Chinese translation students. While existing proposed solutions including segmenting a sentence and changing hypotaxis to parataxis are effective in describing what is needed when translating, they are not prescriptive enough for the translation student to use. As a result, students often feel tied up with the...

Challenges of Teaching Chinese Translation: A Case Study of Hong Kong


Abstract In this talk, John will discuss the challenges of teaching English-Chinese Translation at BA and MA levels in Hong Kong. These challenges arise from the gap between Translation theories and practice, differences between Chinese and English languages and cultures, students’ pre-conceptions about translation and equivalence, and teachers’ beliefs about Translation education, etc. Drawing upon...

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) in Translation Teaching- a report on recent practice


Collaborative online international learning (COIL) is an increasingly popular form of pedagogic activity, providing students at institutions in different countries the opportunity to work together on a collaborative project. Since October 2021 Dr Shani Tobias of Monash University and Dr Martin Ward of the University of Leeds have started to implement COIL activities into their...

Teaching the Art of Japanese Literary Translation


This session will be led by Dr Matt Mewhinney, Florida State University Synopsis: In this presentation I introduce one approach to teaching Japanese literary translation. This semester at Florida State University I am teaching a course titled “Translating Japanese,” which introduces students to the theoretical issues that arise in literary translation. The course comprises three...

MT in Translation - A Holistic Approach


Machine learning (ML) and machine translation (MT) technologies have increasingly become involved in translation studies and practices. Compared with human's intuitive reflections on language, machine perception is largely based on mathematical calculation and statistical inference. While a neural machine translation engine aims to mimic human’s cognitive behavior, it is a learning machine in nature and...

On Not Reinventing the Wheel: Sharing Resources, Ideas and Practices- Talk by Professor Judy Wakabayashi


The problem: One aspect of training professional translators involves acquainting students with a range of genres and specific fields that they might encounter in professional life. Instructors are faced with the challenge of discussing and evaluating translations in fields as disparate as the law, business, literature, current affairs, medicine, science and technology, despite having little...

Pedagogy of MA Specialised Translation modules


At this event we will be discussing curricula, pedagogical methods and more, and the session is open to all subscribers of this network. For more information and to enquire about joining this network please email

East Asian Translation Pedagogy Advance (EATPA) Introductory Forum


The introductory forum for this network was conducted on Jan.14th, 2021, and was attended by over 20 academics engaged in teaching translation at undergraduate and postgraduate level at universities in a number of countries. The event provided the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges facing translation pedagogy practitioners in this field and begin to...